Basement tapes: phone messages

In conjunction with this year’s virtual Basement Tapes Day celebrations on October 17th, we’d like to share a glimpse into the more esoteric side of the history of recorded audio by looking at two strange and yet commonplace recordings we’ve managed to dredge up. These recordings are from two different eras of telecommunication. The firstContinue reading “Basement tapes: phone messages”

Basement tapes: microcassettes

Sometime circa 2002 my wife bought me this sweet little SONY recording unit. Probably this device was used most commonly to record interviews or as a dictation machine. Its portability and compactness are useful for discrete recording and it is a fairly quiet unit. I have recorded music ideas, trial runs of stories for readings,Continue reading “Basement tapes: microcassettes”

Collecting royalties – where do I start?

Whether or not you’ve been a performing musician for a long time or a new recording musician just looking for collecting on digital distribution (spoiler, its not going to be much) its best to register your works with SOCAN and at least a couple of the organizations listed below. This is a great chart courtesyContinue reading “Collecting royalties – where do I start?”

15 irregular albums I have listened to repeatedly

In going back over my Facebook account I was thinking how different social media was in the late 2000s, that first decade of the new Millennium. Less ad driven perhaps. More creative and personal? Here’s a post I found in my neophyte days of social media. A lot of the sentiments here are still trueContinue reading “15 irregular albums I have listened to repeatedly”

The importance of documenting your local music community

Growing up in Vancouver, I was not aware that I was witness to an ongoing narrative of the complex relationship between musicians and government. In the mid 2000’s, I was embedded in an expansive and inclusive music scene which permeated Vancouver and existed thanks to generous venue owners and musicians who would open their basementsContinue reading “The importance of documenting your local music community”

Basement Tapes Day – Toronto

The Toronto team will be checking in at 4:30 EST (1:30 PST). If you want to join the Zoom, here’s the registration link to the attendee RSVP page: The Toronto team will be playing a mystery reel live and also launching the first of an ongoing series of posts about home-recorded audio. Keep checking backContinue reading “Basement Tapes Day – Toronto”

Indie music distribution question, Part One

This is the anonymized discussion from a Facebook post regarding the question of musical distribution. I see this conversation as an example of a useful service that could be provided by a resource hub like TINI in reviewing various platforms and online services for musicians and members. But this is just a sample. There areContinue reading “Indie music distribution question, Part One”

Imagining a Information Network for Musicians

So, let’s imagine this is the kind of place I might outline a kind of personal vision for an information network co-operative for musicians. Why might such a thing be useful? What could it be? Maybe this is the blog equivalent of a five year strategic plan for an organization. One thing I want toContinue reading “Imagining a Information Network for Musicians”

The Band is King, The King is Dead

Or The Band is Dead, Long Live the Band I love a good rock and roll band that has been well rehearsed, seasoned on the road, the unity of the ensemble forged by friendships, rivalries or something in between. Creative differences leading to implosions or surprising legacies of collaborative output. All that stuff is golden.Continue reading “The Band is King, The King is Dead”