The Guest Bedroom (2008)

I bought this shirt at a concert at the upstairs bar of Sneaky Dee’s at College and Bathurst in Toronto. My friend Al Kelley was playing bass in the band. It’s a way back there in terms of how long ago the show was, so not sure I could say much about it. I dug the band. Kind of gritty art rock from what I remember. I love this shirt design. I guess I would have been about 32 when I bought this.

UPDATE: 10 February 2022: after a little investigative work I think I bought this shirt at the Wavelength show 412, on 11 May 2008. Knowing this is possible because of documentation work being done by Wavelength, which TINI is super excited to be working on. Checkout all the cool things happening there: . So, I can tell you stuff now like the other bands that were playing (We Versus the Shark and Orn) and soon you’ll be able to see if anybody took a picture of me at the show.

This post is for a gallery of indie tshirts we are building to document the social history of independent music. Do you have a great indie band or artist tshirt you’d like to profile in a TINI gallery? Send us a photo (jpg, 300 dpi scan, or 2MB or less) of the shirt in action with a brief (less than 300 words) write up that tells us how and when you got the shirt, and something about your connection with the band or artist, or some kind of historical context, and we will add it to our gallery: email inquiries to

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