The Marato (2001)

I bought this shirt at The Marato’s last ever show on September 10th 2001 at El Macombo in Toronto. That’s a fact I was recently reminded of by the lead singer Jonathan Pearce. It was probably their CD release and then the band broke up. You can buy it here: Other members of that band were Scott Freeman on drums, Ben Addelman on bass [?] and Samir Mallal on guitar. I knew these guys from my undergraduate days in Montreal in the late 1990s. The show was loud. It was epic. I also remember Scott complaining about mistakes. They were very into precision and got mad about that kind of thing in those days. I hope they look back on it as fondly as I do. It was so great just being there. Discogs calls it emo punk. I think the band would hate that. For the record emo was not a genre I heard anyone call anything until at least 2005. Postpunk for sure. Jonathan would go on to start Poorfolk, and later Winchester Warm:

This post is for a gallery of indie tshirts we are building to document the social history of independent music. Do you have a great indie band or artist tshirt you’d like to profile in a TINI gallery? Send us a photo (jpg, 300 dpi scan, or 2MB or less) of the shirt in action with a brief (less than 300 words) write up that tells us how and when you got the shirt, and something about your connection with the band or artist, or some kind of historical context, and we will add it to our gallery: email inquiries to

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