About Us

TINI Music Co-op

Good things come in TINI packages.

TINI stands for the Toronto Information Network of Independent Music Co-operative. We are a collectively organized group of musicians, archivists and indie music enthusiasts. Our mission is two-fold:

  1. To document independent music archives and provide peer-to-peer resources and professional services to musicians
  2. To establish a charitable mandate to document and preserve threatened independent music archives that would otherwise be neglected by the commercial cultural sector

We are not caught up on defining what it means to be an independent musician. Usually people have a pretty clear idea whether they consider themselves to be independent or not. Some of us have major label experiences and maybe even opinions about the ownership of music, but our goal is pretty simple. We hope to help people document their own materials in the spirit of DIY music culture. If this is useful to commercial artists in music or other fields, that is okay with us too.

We are also based in Toronto, but recognize that music is an international language and people come and go from a particular place. We are starting with this website as a home base for our mission and will eventually plan physical exhibitions, workshops and concerts in our home city. You needn’t live in Toronto to be a part of our community. If this sounds like your bag, get in touch and get involved.

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