Audio preservation

The Association of Recorded Sound Collections is the definitive organization for the history and preservation of audio technology from wax cylinders to WAV files and everything in between. Check out the free downloadable ARSC Guide to Audio Preservation on the publications page, also available in print format for a small fee. The nonprofit organization hosts an annual conference, maintains an active listserve and publishes a journal. Extremely diverse expertise among its active membership.


Steve Albini article in The Guardian contains a lot of insights into the post-download era of the music industry. A kind of supplement to his 1993 article “The Problem with Music” in the Baffler, which remains a classic must read.

Sites we like a lot

The fine folks at arcmtl have been documenting independent arts in Montreal for over a decade and have amazing exhibitions on everything indie from zines to home movies. Check out the Montreal Sound Ark articles about the 60s and 70s Montreal garage scene!

These guys have been documenting copyright issues, freedom of speech and their own artistic activities since the 1980s. What’s not to love?

This website was developed back in 2011 and it looks like the last post was done in 2017 but there are numerous documents and articles on the site. They also had an upload process for getting indie music digitized and up on the website. It came out of the National Campus and Community Radio Association and received initial Trillium Foundation funding. Now all the links are broken and the information put together by the group is lost. This is a good example of why exclusively online ‘archiving’ is a super limited project. (Update September 2021, it looks like someone fixed the links. That’s cool because it’s a shame to do all that work and then have it disappear. Lots of great stuff up here.)

Dust to Digital is a non profit that focuses largely on digitizing roots music from 1925-1950 but also posts pretty obscure clips from musicians all over the world via Twitter and Facebook. Check out their releases on the site and their Bandcamp and get in touch if you find some old 78’s that you’re curious about!

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