Poorfolk (ca. 2009)

I bought the shirt at a Poorfolk concert at the Smiling Buddha, a small bar on Dundas West in Toronto. They were the band and opening act for an incarnation of Ryder Havdale’s The Mohawk Lodge. All around great show. I was there to see my old buddy Scott Freeman who played bass in Poorfolk at the time, a kind of ongoing collaboration with Ottawa-based Jonathan Pearce who was the main songwriter. The guitarist Dave Clark loved dropping to his knees to play solos. I remember the whole night was just a lot of good rock’n’roll fun. I think the band had been touring for a while and they were a tight ship. They passed out tambourines and my bandmate and multitalented rhythm maestro Reade Ollivier grabbed one and rocked out on stage with them. I would have been about 34 when I bought this.

This post is for a gallery of indie tshirts we are building to document the social history of independent music. Do you have a great indie band or artist tshirt you’d like to profile in a TINI gallery? Send us a photo (jpg, 300 dpi scan, or 2MB or less) of the shirt in action with a brief (less than 300 words) write up that tells us how and when you got the shirt, and something about your connection with the band or artist, or some kind of historical context, and we will add it to our gallery: email inquiries to info@tinimusiccoop.org

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