Membership drive

Do you have what it takes to be a member of TINI?

Yes. Yes you do. The more the merrier. During the Fall of 2022, starting with the Geary Art Crawl September 24 and 25, TINI will be looking to spread the word about our impending incorporation as a co-operative. This requires some meetings and expressions of commitment. But that doesn’t have to be unpleasant. We are asking people to sign up as an expression of interest for future activities. Our next steps are pretty easy going:

  1. We will need to formally ratify our articles of incorporation
  2. We want to prepare some workshops and events
  3. We need to open a bank account, formalize the membership structure, and get a board of directors in place
  4. World domination by peaceful documentation of all things wonderful about independent music everywhere

So, what do we expect from YOU? Once we have collectively reviewed our mandate, elected a board and an executive we will be coming back to the list of people who have expressed an interest in joining TINI, to enroll as members. Membership will be a one time commitment of $50 and will include a credit for one free workshop. Workshops we can offer right now include digital file management, archival description, handling and storage, donation planning, digital preservation, local historical research, and DIY documentation strategies. But the sky is the limit. We’d love to hear your ideas for projects and events. We also want to plan some fun free events like concerts, documentation days, and legacy media capture and playback events. Also, we are planning that our incorporation meetings will include live performances and documentation, because all meetings should still be little parties. So, don’t be scared, come on out, send us an email, read through our blog posts for ideas, and send us a pitch for a blog post or a future workshop you’d want to attend. TINI is getting ready to make room for all kinds of new exciting ideas.

TINI is available by email any time at:

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