Basement Tapes Day – Toronto

The Toronto team will be checking in at 4:30 EST (1:30 PST). If you want to join the Zoom, here’s the registration link to the attendee RSVP page:

The Toronto team will be playing a mystery reel live and also launching the first of an ongoing series of posts about home-recorded audio. Keep checking back for further updates.

Have you been sitting on a bunch of old sound recordings that you don’t have the playback equipment for? On October 17th, we will be sponsoring an event to listen to, digitize, and document these recordings in conjunction with the second annual Basement Tapes Day, an event started in conjunction with UCLA’s student chapter of the ARSC at the 14th annual Los Angeles Archives Bazaar in 2019. We are currently part of an international team looking to sponsor coordinated events in Montreal, Boston, Chapel Hill and Washington for 2020.

What kind of thing? Take these 1990s high school dance promos, for example. What strange audio artefacts do you have hanging around the garage? We would especially like to find some old audio on reel to reel, DAT or anything that may have been saved on old ZIP drives or in weird formats, to showcase some of the array of audio hidden on old formats that may be hanging around your home. Send us an email at if you have something or want to be involved.

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