Indie music distribution question, Part One

This is the anonymized discussion from a Facebook post regarding the question of musical distribution. I see this conversation as an example of a useful service that could be provided by a resource hub like TINI in reviewing various platforms and online services for musicians and members. But this is just a sample. There are further issues to sort out here. We will weigh in on Part Two soon.

The low down:

Original question:

“Indie music distribution question… any advice? Cdbaby? Pro publishing $29 or standard distribution $10! Is pro publishing worth it?”


Musician A They take more of a cut of your publishing than if you go through the various rights agencies.

Musician B No. Not worth it unless you have large sales. CD baby may still be OK. Indie pool kicked me off for not making enough money.

Question poster!! Good to know!! I shall anticipate such things from a previous release.

Musician C If you are registered with a national publishing rights agency, I recommend sticking with them and just doing the standard CD Baby distribution.

Question poster Thanks for these takes.🙏 my hunches have been confirmed.

Musician D Distrokid

Musician B Bandcamp + bandcamp merch then when people buy CDs mail it to them yourself? Depends what scale. SOCAN. Distrokid gets you on iTunes + Amazon but costs $100 a year. (Dont pay for their YouTube add ons).

Question poster $100 a year? That’s crazy talk!

Musician B Oh wait you’re right its $20 USD now. My bill is $75/year USD so I must have addons I forgot about. So don’t choose any addons…

Musician E Bandcamp or Bandcamp.

Musician F Just trying indie pool for the first time since always using cdbaby in the past. No set up fee!

Musician G I use Ditto Music. Gets you on all the biggies for $20/year and they don’t take a cut. 🤷‍♂️

Musician A And doing bandcamp as well.

Original poster Thanks A. Just an FYI B above mentioned that indiepool cut her off for not making enough money. I don’t have more info. Also my last album I did with them they are great but for digital distribution that album never appeared on YouTube. If that’s ok with you. Just wanted to give a heads up. I never contacted them about it maybe I should. I love bandcamp and use them as well.

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